Thursday, June 23, 2011

A chat with

I recently sat down at Blackout Movement Studios with Andrew from, a reggae music entertainment website that goes beyond the typical - "what are you currently working on" and "where can we see you on tour". I rambled on a bit but it turned out to be an interesting conversation.

I appreciated the rare, on camera, appearance from Blackout who also talked about his journey coming up in the business. You can see his complete interview on

Friday, June 10, 2011

Long days to come

There's no visual attached to this post, no promo of anything, just a real diary entry. A little while ago, maybe November last, I realized that I spent a lot of time doing for other people's projects. I'm a workaholic given the chance, and I'm given the chance fairly frequently. I realized that it's neither always appreciated nor rewarded duly. So since I've chosen to avoid bitterness at all costs, I decided to channel my newly enlightened mind toward my own endeavors. I'd done it all this time but never with this amount of focus.

It's been rough. I have friends and people who help as much as they can. I do the best I can with limited resources and what I believe is unlimited potential. I have my eye on a prize that doesn't seem too far away although conventional wisdom would suggest it isn't within reach. I find conventional wisdom boring and the word 'no' means nothing to me other than - maybe not this way, try another route.

It's late and I'm antsy. I've taken on a lot to chew on but the reality is, I gotta get this stuff done if I want to get to where I want to go. Every night I'm excited to see what tomorrow will bring. My mother likes to quote a song I wrote long ago that says "every midnight starts a brand new day". I believe that. That after darkness comes light, and balance requires experiencing both, so I'l continue to revel in both.

I don't claim sadness any more, nor depression. I claim only ambition, determination, success, health, wealth, prosperity, love and happiness. I love my friends, and even a few who aren't. I'm thankful for every opportunity and every door that opens. Some good ones seem to be coming to me in recent days and I believe wholeheartedly its because I'm ready for what they offer.

I promise to remain thankful. I promise to pace myself. I promise to experience as much of the ride as fully as I can. I promise to live up to my promise as a human being, as a talent, as a heart, as a star. I pray you do the same. Have an outstanding week and make every week even more so!